” A new journey to be started. A new promise to be fulfilled. A new page to be written. Go forth unto this waiting world with glass in hand, all you wine lovers, the open bottle awaits. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be original. And above all else, be brave. For knowing wine is your greatest ally, your greatest tool. Use it wisely.”
- Wonder Woman (Kind of...)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Macon- Villages by Pierrette and Marc Guillemot-Michel

Macon- Villages  by Pierrette and Marc Guillemot-Michel

Marc and Pierrette Guillemot own a Domaine of 7 hectares in the commune of Quintaine, adjacent to the village of Clesse.They took over the domaine from Pierette’s parents in 1985. Both are oenolgists from the school of Beaune and post-graduates from Montpellier and they have applied their studies to combine both scientific and homeopathic principles in their wine making.
On taking over the vineyard Marc and Pierrette left the Cave Co-operative system.Organic methods of production were used for the first three years as they believed this system made finer, more characterful wines. They use no artificial herbicides or pesticides and produce their own compost for the vines from a blend of marc (the cake of skins and pips left after the grapes are pressed) and manure from organically reared animals.
During the harvest, they systematically taste their way through the vineyards, tagging those vines whose fruit they think have markedly interesting characteristics and concentration. In February cuttings from these are taken to graft onto root stock and, gradually, the vineyards will be replanted with these homegrown, especially selected vines.

Limiting the size of the crop is one of the most important factors in the production of exceptional wines in the Maconnais. To restrict quantities, Marc and Pierrette only leave one  main stalk when pruning, rather than two as is traditional. This automatically cuts their potential crop in half.

Since 1991 the Guillemots have been bio-dynamic producers.  Bio-dynamic production is basically governed by the movements of the moon. For example, weeding at certain times in the cycle of the moon results in the weeds reappearing less quickly, an important factor when herbicides are not used. Bio-dynamics also involves putting back into the plant part of its production, hence the production of a compost from the marc of grape skins and pips left after pressing.
By far the major proportion of the Guillemots' production is of Macon Clesse, Quintaine. This lovely dry white wine has concentrated fruit and complexity and a richness and depth rarely found in this region. They have experimented with using oak, but feel that even five year old barrels give too much wood flavour to the wine. They prefer to allow the purity of the Chardonnay fruit to shine through.

The current vintage is 2009 ,however I always try to stash a few bottles of the older vintages away when I notice the vintage is changing and they truly show their  full character when about five years old. Even in relative youth it is a very fine Burgundy at €23.

Delicious, serious, attention grabbing wines.... in a contemplative kind of a way..... a bit like the people who make it I suspect!.


 The Vintry

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Savennieres,Clos de St Yves, Baumard 2008

 Too often when we think Chenin Blanc nowadays we think of South Africa and its variable quality ranging from excellent to mediocre.Even I, a huge Loire Chenin fan, sometimes let it fall off my radar and literally forget to drink it, even though I have just to reach for the shelf and a choice of about six different examples.Savennieres is particularly neglected because you have to be so patient with it.Drink it too young and it is bone dry and quite acidic and that can put you off it for a while, but when you get it with the right bottle age, it is a supreme example of  complex elegance combined with viscosity in the mouth.resting ones.This Baumard Clos de Saint Yves 2008 is a just coming into its own now.It costs €21.95 and is a classic of its style and a fine wine by any standards.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spainish Wine Evening with Simon Tyrrell at Jus De Vine

Simon Tyrrell 

A date for your diary any Spainish wine lovers out there!.

Monday 24th October Jus De Vine will have the pleasure of Simon Tyrrell from Tyrrell & Co Wine Importers who specialise in Spanish wines. The evening runs  from 7.30pm sharp till 10.00pm bringing you through a tutored tasting of the vineyards.

In this short time we hope to cover all regions from the well known Rioja region to some of the up and coming areas like Costers del Segre (north east Spain).

It promises to be a enjoyable evening.

Tickets are limited to 25 places and are 25 Euro each. To book your place call into Jus De Vine Portmarnock or you can phone us on 01 8461192 or info@jusdevine.ie

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday 24th at Jus De Vine.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vanya Cullen visits Jus De Vine, A Great Day for the Cullen Clan!

One of the most inspiring women I have met in the wine business has to be Vanya Cullen from the Cullen Estate in Margaret River, Western Australia. We in Jus De Vine had the pleasure of her company a few weeks ago when she popped into the shop en route to a trade tasting in Dublin. Needless to say Tommy Cullen and Vanya  really hit it off! , He had to remind her she had an appointment and tasting in town, but we could have listened to her all day.

Vanya is the wine maker for her family estate which was est. in 1966 by her parents Di and Kevin Cullen. They farm Organic and Biodynamic, while pioneering environmental initiatives which has led Cullen to becoming Australia's first carbon neutral winery in 2007.

Vanya has such a strong sense of responsibility to the land and talks about always giving back to the vineyards what they take from it. One of my all time favourites is the Kevin John Chardonnay which is named after her Dad, Vanya spoke about the Kevin John vineyard being a place to go to revive and refresh as it is so alive with healthy vines. Her philosophy is to make wines that express the vineyard and believe me it doesn't get much better then this Wonderful Chardonnay. It is elegant with tropical notes as well as lemon and citrus, well refined oak beautifully integrated into the wine and a lingering finish.

We are currently waiting on the new vintage to arrive, hoping to have it in time for Christmas!
Seek it out!

Jus De Vine

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr Alvaro Palacios

Classic drinks held a wonderful lunch to show case the wonderful wines of Alvaro Palacios in the Residence on the Green last week. It was great to meet the man himself who gave us all insight into how he is at the helm of Spainish winemaking in three different areas within Spain.To follow a little taster of the food and wines we got to try....

On Arrival
Placet Rioja Baja 2007
La Verdimia Rioja Baja 2009

Free range chicken and wild mushroom tortellini and a tomato concentrate
La Montesa, Rioja Baja 2007 ( Family run estate )

Beef with creamed celeriac and truffles
Petalos del Bierzo 2008 (Alvaros Palacios along with his nephew Ricardo Perez have been making wine here since 1999)

Loin and shoulder of Wexford lamb with local organic beetroot and a paloise sauce
Villa de Corcullon, Bierzo 2007

Wines from Priorat ( Alvaro Palacios had been making wine here since 1989, monks have history of wine making in the area as far back as the 6 centuries)
Gratalops Vi de Vila, Priorat 2008
Finca Dofi, Priorat 2008

Needless to say, it was a very memorable lunch, hard to pick out which  wine was the star as they all had a certain charm. All the wines have a sense of place within the different regions and that is the only way to understand the spirit and character of Alvaro Palacios wines...

Seek them out

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vinos Tito Tasting

Vinos Tito are a Spainish wine company run by Raffa Salazar and Antonio Lorente. Two Spanish men who fell in love with two Irish women and never left Ireland!  Their sole ambition now is to source some of the more diverse styles of  Spanish wines  to bring  into Ireland. I was at their portfolio tasting recently and here are  some of their wines that really shined for me..

Valdesil. Vilamartin De Valdeorras
Montenova 2010
Made from the Godello grape in the Galicia region this wine is a great alternative to a Albarino .The unique climate and diverse range of soils in Valdeorras show in the style of  their wines giving them a lovely mineral quality.Nice body and lingering finish.Try in with shell fish or tapas. Worth seeking out at 14.99

Vina Cubillo Crianza
Rioja 2005
This Rioja house was founded in 1877 and is one of the oldest in Haro. The wine spends 36 months in oak barrels before it has bottle ageing. It is one of the most traditional Rioja I have ever tried as you can almost smell the cellar from the wine. It is dry with a touch of spice and needs red meat to be appreciated. They have changed very little  in how it is made over the last 137 years many conditions are fulfilled for their wine to retain the quality which makes them live on in the memory of those who have tasted them in the past
Worth seeking out at 18.99

Bodega Jimenez Landi
Sotorronderos 2009
Mentrida is a short distance southeast of Madrid where they have started producing some wonderful Garnacha based wines. Jose and Daniel Jimenez Landi are two very talented wine makers who took over this property in 2004. They farm biodynamic and  Sotorronderos is a great example of what this area is all about. The wine shows wonderful dark fruits and elegant tannins with a lingering finish
Works great with any lamb dish.
Worth seeking out at 21.99




Friday, August 19, 2011

1996 Chateau Gruaud Larose

Although I am in the wine business it is not that often that I get to try older vintages of top class Bordeaux wines. However it was my birthday last week and I chose 1996 Chateau Gruaud Larose to celebrate.This wine does not necessarily  need to be decanted, just opened for 20 minutes beforehand. It has lovely aromas of cedar and roasted herb intermixed with incense like smells.On the palate it is medium bodied with lovely blackcurrant and meaty flavours. This wine is drinking now and complimented my fillet steak perfectly.
We have this wine at €79.00 in Jus De Vine .
Seek it Out