” A new journey to be started. A new promise to be fulfilled. A new page to be written. Go forth unto this waiting world with glass in hand, all you wine lovers, the open bottle awaits. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be original. And above all else, be brave. For knowing wine is your greatest ally, your greatest tool. Use it wisely.”
- Wonder Woman (Kind of...)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Savennieres,Clos de St Yves, Baumard 2008

 Too often when we think Chenin Blanc nowadays we think of South Africa and its variable quality ranging from excellent to mediocre.Even I, a huge Loire Chenin fan, sometimes let it fall off my radar and literally forget to drink it, even though I have just to reach for the shelf and a choice of about six different examples.Savennieres is particularly neglected because you have to be so patient with it.Drink it too young and it is bone dry and quite acidic and that can put you off it for a while, but when you get it with the right bottle age, it is a supreme example of  complex elegance combined with viscosity in the mouth.resting ones.This Baumard Clos de Saint Yves 2008 is a just coming into its own now.It costs €21.95 and is a classic of its style and a fine wine by any standards.