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- Wonder Woman (Kind of...)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Durbanville Hills AttractsThe Girls

Anne,Karen aka Kevin,Evelyn,Reggie,Martina aka Martin,Siobhain,Darina &Oonagh.

No one who knows him can accuse Kevin Behan from Edward Dillon & Co.of being sexist,as it was he who suggested to Oonagh Gildea, brand manager ,to get Durbanville Hills wine maker Martin Moore to host a tasting for the ladies in the wine trade.
Now anyone who has ever met Martin Moore is probably reeling with shock at the idea of putting him into such a scenario because he really is a mans man ,in a true South African rugby hooker kind of a way.However thus the smarts of Kevin and Oonagh ,as it really was a great success.

Maybe we got to see his softer side because it quickly became clear that Martin is truly committed to sustainable farming  using the principles of integrated production and has a genuine  interest in working with his growers on projects that promote the preservation of the land such as water recycling. He is also deeply involved in the promotion of  further education by way of scholarship out of the farm schools in his area.

Like all men, he is into machines and gadgets but in his case it extends beyond the car ,tractor and wine making gizmo's into ice cream and bread making equipment.A keen cook since the age of 13, his empathy with food clearly comes through on the styles of wine that he creates A.Sauvignon Blanc for quaffing. Pinotage for lighter and/or spicy food styles such as chicken,duck and pheasant.  Merlot for slow cooked red meats such as beef, lamb,and venison casseroles and Shiraz for the big roasts. He also recommends that his Pinotage be served chilled with berry pear and/or white chocolate desserts. We tried this combination and he was not wrong!

I must say it was a little strange to spend an evening talking wine without having to listen to the golf and soccer gossip that generally punctuates a wine evening but not in a bad way!

Thanks to All


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  1. Raging to have missed this girls. Sounds like fun was had by all!